Types of Mystery Shops

“Thank you Melinda, we found the shops very informative and a useful training tool. I actually like the narrative … it really painted a picture. I appreciate the quick turnaround.” Evelyn Holland/Cambridge Management Services

“Our company had the pleasure of having Melinda Brody speak to our group about leasing and follow-up techniques for the multi-family housing industry.  Her insights, ideas, and warm personal style were a big hit with our group.  When the subject turned to secret video shoppers many of our managers became upset at the thought of being video-taped.  With her good humor and logic Melinda was able to calm fears and let our people see how video shopping can be a great tool for them to increase their success.  I hope that our team will have the benefit of Melinda’s coaching again in the near future.”
Kevin Grail, CPM, CPO/Strong Management, Inc.

“The video shops provided an excellent way for me to coach and train my leasing team to do better…they had no clue they were both shopped…I highly recommend Melinda Brody & Co.” Carey Bradburn, Investment Manager, Pinnacle Management

Our approach to ever-changing technologies distinguishes us as a leader in this industry. Clients will have online access to view not only their videos, but also reports, follow-up, trends, and scheduling. Shopping your team has never been easier!

Sample Video Mystery Shop:

Online services allow our clients to view videos and review reports online from any computer with Internet access. A DVD backup of all video shops is also provided for archive purposes.

We offer a variety of mystery shopping services to meet the needs of the apartment industry.

  • Video
  • Written
  • Competition
  • Phone
  • Internet

Our best seller by far, video shops offer the chance to see your team’s presentation through the eyes of a customer. Through the use of concealed video equipment, the entire visit will be recorded. This is the most recommended way to get the full picture of the presentation. Body language, office cleanliness, and a visual of the entire presentation can be viewed. There will be no doubt about what happened during the visit.Leasing consultants must give written authorization for video/audio recording of the shop. We will provide you with a release form for your team to sign. However, releases may be obtained just before the shops if necessary.

Written shops are generally used when a release for audio/video recording cannot be obtained for the leasing consultant.A detailed written evaluation will be completed by the shopper. As usual, clients may elect to use our standard evaluation or to customize it at no additional cost.

Our shopper will visit your competition to find out everything you need to know about them.Collateral materials support a customized written competition report tailored to meet your needs.

Is your sales team missing opportunities to increase traffic? Are they taking the time to convert phone traffic into appointments?Shoppers will call your community to determine the phone skills of your team. Is qualifying taking place? Do they attempt to set appointments? Audio recording is supported by written report.

Over 95% of buyers start their search on the Internet! Are your online sales consultants contacting prospects and scheduling appointments?Shoppers will contact the community via Internet contact form. The length of time for the initial contact is monitored along with the type and quality of the contact received. If the shopper is contacted via phone, the call will be recorded and included. A written report along with follow up will be provided.